Orlando is home to great parks such as Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Florida.

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Charm City is overflowing with culture, crabs and historical treasures – from cobblestoned streets to harbors to museums and more.

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Charleston, South Carolina

An educational tour in Charleston, South Carolina, invites students to step back in time! Trees draped in Spanish moss, spooky cemeteries, centuries-old mansions and grand estates hark back to another era.

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One of the most beautiful places in the world, with exquisite cuisines.

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Hawaii is a state composed of islands with natural beauty and charm that has attracted visitors for centuries

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Los Angeles

The City of Angels is home to Hollywood and the motion picture industry, iconic Beverly Hills and much more!

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The Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, RCA Studios – it’s all right here in Music City.

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New York City

Join us on an adventure to The Big Apple and experience NYC the best way!

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Niagara Falls

Put on your poncho and be amazed by the most breathtaking waterfall in the world!

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Explore magnificent cities, ancient ruins, amazing museums, and breathtaking natural scenery!

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Educational Tours

Educational Tour Programs

Educational tours break down the walls of your classroom and bring your lessons to life. ETA combines guided student tours, site visits, live shows, exclusive opportunities with industry professionals, and more to ensure your students connect to subject matter outside the classroom. You’ll be amazed by their increased interest, engagement and excitement!

Immersive learning

Bring Your Lessons To Life with Educational Trips by ETA!

Traveling is a highly valuable experience for middle and high school students because it provides opportunities for personal growth and education beyond the classroom. Through our academic adventures, students will immerse themselves in different cultures, languages, and lifestyles, helping to broaden their perspectives and understanding of the world.

Student travel also provides opportunities for young adults to develop life skills such as independence, communication, and problem-solving. Through navigating unfamiliar environments, interacting with people from different backgrounds, and facing unexpected challenges, students can build the confidence and resilience needed to thrive.

Educational Travel Adventures is a highly respected student travel company that helps schools create unique student trips that feel like educational vacations!

Educational Travel Tour Opportunities

Check out some destinations that ETA offers, as one of the best student travel companies for over two decades.

Students Learn through Cultural Immersion

Student travel programs help students learn by experiencing what they learn in the classroom, in real-life! A bespoke travel experience through guided tours gives every student a newfound interest in the subject matter. The highly reputed Student Youth & Travel Association (SYTA) came out saying, “a travel experience triggers a process of accelerated personal development, contributes to better academic performance, and improves social interaction between young people” in a globally representative study.

Picking from Educational Travel Companies

Choosing from the best educational tour companies can be a difficult task. We understand that educational travel services are expensive, tough to coordinate, and require a lot of hands on deck. Our team of dedicated trip planners, concierges, and group tour guides is ready to make planning easy and within budget. Whether you’re staying within the United States to visit national parks and historical sites, or planning a student tour in Europe—we’ve got you covered!

If you represent a school that is looking to build an adventure, student travel planning with ETA is the way to go!

They simply take care of all the work and allow us to enjoy the trip.

“We have used Educational Travel Adventures (ETA) for over 10 years. During this time, we have scheduled trips to Washington D.C. and Charleston, South Carolina. ETA truly makes the travel process simple with meal planning and organized excursions. They simply take care of all the work and allow us to enjoy the trip.”

Joshua, Prinicpal

Chattanooga, TN