Living Legacy Project

LLP’s mission is to provide experiential education about the American Civil Rights Movement that challenges, inspires, and equips people for justice work in their communities.

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Embark on extraordinary educational journeys where we redefine student travel with a curated collection of unique tour programs.

We’ve been creating and operating top quality educational and performance tours for students over the course of more than thirty years. As Educational Travel Adventures continues to grow in size, receives helpful feedback from our customers, and increases the scope of our tour offerings, we continue to pursue itineraries and experiences that go beyond the ordinary class trip. On this page, you’ll find meticulously crafted itineraries offering students unparalleled opportunities and experiences rarely found in standard group tours.
From exclusive access to renowned institutions to behind-the-scenes performance experiences to immersive encounters with local communities, each program is a thoughtfully designed educational adventure. Explore the extraordinary with us and elevate your educational travel experience to new heights!

New York City: Perform on a Broadway Stage!

Your students can audition to perform on a Broadway stage alongside professional Broadway performers for a live audience in one of our exclusive concerts! Actually on Broadway you ask? Yes!

Arts for Autism is an annual one-night benefit concert, bringing together renowned Broadway performers with students from various performing arts programs nationwide. The event aims to provide support for individuals affected by autism in the form of grants.

NextGen Broadway is a four-day immersive Broadway experience, concluding with a dazzling performance hosted by a headline performer. Chosen student performing groups will share the stage with a lineup of esteemed Broadway guests, marking a celebration of artists from seasoned professionals to emerging talents and the next generation.

Music City: Record in a Professional Nashville Studio

Hope for the Heroes is the ultimate student performance tour: a combination of professional music industry exposure, Nashville sight-seeing, and the chance to support a worthy cause! Through this program, select middle and high school music ensembles get the chance to travel to Music City to record and perform a professional album in support of our wounded veterans through partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project. A celebrity musician will perform alongside students and be featured on the album.

The Hope for Heroes operates upon request.

The American South: Deep Dive into Civil Rights History

Living Legacy Pilgrimages offer participants a transformative journey to connect with the people, listen to the stories, and visit the pivotal sites of the Civil Rights Movement. The experience commences in either Birmingham, Alabama, marked by the tragic 1963 bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church, or Memphis, Tennessee, where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated and where the National Civil Rights Museum is housed. Tailored to the specific needs of participants or groups, these journeys typically span four to eight days.

This pilgrimage transcends a mere civil rights history tour. Alongside visiting historic landmarks, participants engage with veterans, including many unsung heroes and foot soldiers of the civil rights movement. The program also involves an exploration of contemporary issues such as racism, white privilege, and barriers to equality in both the visited towns and communities across America. By collectively reflecting on their experiences, participants are empowered to apply their insights upon returning home, contributing to positive change in today’s world.

Educational Travel Adventures is proud to partner with the Living Legacy Project to manage registration and travel logistics for their pilgrimages.

Florence: Study at a Prestigious Italian Fashion School

Strut confidently into a career in fashion with our pre-college program in Florence, Italy. This two-week program offers students an immersive experience through a blend of coursework and exclusive visits to artisan workshops, fashion ateliers, and manufacturing facilities. Delivered by industry leaders at the renowned Polimoda fashion school in Florence, students will partake in 40 hours of college-level fashion courses. Beyond the classroom, participants will explore various fashion-related museums and companies, providing a firsthand look at real-world applications for fashion degrees. This program offers invaluable insights into the daily responsibilities of diverse fashion industry professionals, offering students a comprehensive understanding of the field.