Costa Rica

Lush tropical rainforests, awe-inspiring volcanoes and soothing hot springs await in Costa Rica!

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South Africa, The Rainbow Nation

The sites of South Africa are sure to wow you with their natural beauty.

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Nepal, Lifetime Experiences

Nepal is a phenomenal place where icy-mountain tops meet subtropical forests.

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Argentina: The White & Sky Blue

Argentina is a country full of intriguing contrasts.

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Service Learning Programs

International Service Learning Tour Programs

Our service learning programs are international immersion experiences that aim to bring together academic study and service opportunities.

Immersive learning

Pair Education with Community through Service Learning!

Our service learning programs are international immersion experiences that may include academic and cultural activities, community service and volunteering opportunities, and other unique excursions intended to provide a truly enriching and memorable trip for students.

Live with a host family in Costa Rica and build eco-stoves for the community, follow the theory of evolution on the Galapagos Islands, explore the rich history of Old Havana, take a night safari in South Africa, or hike the Himalayas in Nepal!

Programs run year-round in Central America, South America, Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Europe. Do you have a vision for your trip? Let us know your interests, and leave the rest to us as we customize a specific program for you and your students.

Service Learning Tour Opportunities

Check out some of the most popular service travel and volunteer trips we’ve helped plan for our clients. Whether you are looking for a summer service trip a short-term mission trip, or something completely custom, we’ve got you covered!

Planning a Service Trip

Planning a Service Travel Program With ETA

Planning a service trip for your students or group of young people to volunteer abroad is simple with Educational Travel Adventures. Our knowledgeable and passionate team of travel planning experts have planned many international volunteer projects, across several countries. A travel experience that gives young adults opportunities to do good is more memorable and fulfilling.

Within a SYTA research study on social impacts of student travel on students and teachers, 68% of students agreed that the trip they received changed their lives forever. And 76% of students said “nothing compares to practical experience; it enhances the in-class experience.”

Are you ready to plan an international service trip for your high school or college students?

Service Learning Program FAQs

Read answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get in regards to teen service trips and service learning trips below:

A service-learning experience is a trip where students apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to address real problems within communities in need. Our service learning projects include a wide range of activities. Plans may include academic and cultural immersion, community service, volunteering, and more.

Service learning is important for teens and young adults. It combines what they learn in school with real-life experiences. This helps them grow personally. It also gets them involved in their community.

Humanitarian trips help students develop critical thinking abilities by providing real-world exposure to social issues, encouraging empathy and a commitment to social justice. Through hands-on projects, teens develop resilience, ability to adapt, and valuable career-related skills—while finding practical meaning in their education.

Service learning instills positive values, such as compassion and social responsibility, contributing to the formation of well-rounded individuals. Ultimately, it lays the foundation for a lifelong commitment to civic engagement and positive community impact.

Students participating in service learning programs acquire a diverse learning experience that extends beyond traditional classroom settings. These programs help students use what they learn in school in real life, improving practical skills, thinking, and problem-solving.

Engaging with different communities helps students understand social issues better, fostering empathy and civic responsibility. Service learning also contributes to personal growth, enhancing “people skills,” resilience, and self-confidence. Moreover, these experiences instill positive values, such as compassion and social awareness, while providing valuable insights into potential career paths. Ultimately, service learning equips students with a holistic education that combines academic excellence with a commitment to community service and societal well-being.

Service learning benefits international communities in several ways. First, it deals with important social problems like poverty, healthcare, and education—helping people who need it most. By actively engaging with local communities, students contribute to sustainable development initiatives, bringing fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and cross-cultural understanding.

Service learning promotes cultural exchange, breaking down stereotypes and fostering global awareness among participants. It builds long-term partnerships, as students often collaborate with local organizations, leaving a positive and lasting impact. Beyond immediate aid, service learning can empower individuals within international communities by promoting self-sufficiency and providing resources for continued growth.

Overall, service learning is a catalyst for positive change, promoting collaboration and mutual understanding between students and the international communities they serve.

… we felt a part of the community.

“I don’t know if there are words to describe it! It was amazing. The homestays were very welcoming. So much so that by the end of the few days we spent with them we felt a part of the community. I think we had the best program that exposed us to the life of Costa Rica. I learned a lot.”