Costa Rica

Lush tropical rainforests, awe-inspiring volcanoes and soothing hot springs await in Costa Rica!

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South Africa, The Rainbow Nation

The sites of South Africa are sure to wow you with their natural beauty.

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Nepal, Lifetime Experiences

Nepal is a phenomenal place where icy-mountain tops meet subtropical forests.

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Argentina: The White & Sky Blue

Argentina is a country full of intrigue and contrasts

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Service Learning Programs

Service Learning Tour Programs

Our service learning programs are international immersion experiences that aim to bring together academic study and service opportunities.

Immersive learning

Pair Education with Community through Service Learning!

Our service learning programs are international immersion experiences that may include academic and cultural activities, community service and volunteering opportunities, and other unique excursions intended to provide a truly enriching and memorable trip for students.

Live with a host family in Costa Rica and build eco-stoves for the community, follow the theory of evolution on the Galapagos Islands, explore the rich history of Old Havana, take a night safari in South Africa, or hike the Himalayas in Nepal!

Programs run year-round in Central America, South America, Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Europe. Do you you have a vision for your trip? Let us know your interests, and leave the rest to us as we customize a specific program for you and your students.

The trip widened his view of the world…

“The trip widened his view of the world, his confidence in himself, and, he tells me, his facility with Spanish. The range of activities was great, and he came home a couple inches taller than he left (maybe literally!).”