Health & Safety Information

The safety and security of program participants is the number one priority for Educational Travel Adventures. Reducing risks begins with our preparations for your trip. Each of our suppliers must meet and exceed the safety standards for their industry, and ETA is in constant communication to ensure that this is happening. Prior to your departure, we identify health professionals and facilities in your traveling locations. We also require that each participant complete a medical information form with emergency contact information. For any situations that should occur during your trip, ETA has a detailed emergency plan in place. Our emergency and crisis management policy is reviewed periodically throughout the year and our staff has regular training sessions.

Food Allergies

Students should list all food allergies during their online registration. We will make a note on the account and confirm all restaurants include food options for all students with allergies on the trip. If your flight includes a meal, there are typically options for vegetarians, non-dairy meals and gluten free meals.  At this time airlines do not guarantee a nut-free environment.


If you or your child take prescription medication and will be traveling overnight, we recommend bringing a copy of you or your child’s prescription in addition to any medication.


Many destinations and attractions are wheelchair accessible. Some destinations and attractions offer accommodations such as audio devices for those with visual or hearing impairment.

Limited Mobility

ETA welcomes all participants and makes every effort to accommodate specific student needs. Please contact your Group Travel Specialist regarding any special needs so we may take care of the necessary arrangements. For domestic trips, buses with wheelchair lifts can be used for anyone in a motorized wheelchair.  Please note, there may be some activities in which a traveler is unable to participate.

If you are interested in night security in hotels, we will include that in the price of the trip. If you choose to have night security, we will arrange for a uniformed guard to monitor the hallways where your group is staying.

Will there be seatbelts on my bus?

Buses made after 2016 are required to have seatbelts.  Buses prior to that are not required to have them.  We cannot guarantee that all buses will have them.

Our code of conduct is included in every program agreement, which must be signed by all individuals participating in one of our programs.



  1. Participants under the age of 21 may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages.
  2. If consumption of alcoholic beverages for adults is permitted by your school/organization, please be aware that excessive drinking by adults 21 years or older will not be tolerated and will be grounds for removal from the program.
  3. Participants may not possess or use drugs, or tobacco.
  4. Participants may not possess or use weapons such as firearms, fireworks, knives, etc.
  5. Participants will be attentive, respectful, responsive, and courteous to all fellow program participants, chaperones, Tour Managers/Program Leaders, activity staff, speakers, etc.
  6. Participants will respect the rights and feelings of others at all times.
  7. Participants will participate fully in all program activities and will not separate from the group without permission.
  8. During any free time (if applicable) participants will remain in their chaperone groups, or with at least one other buddy at all times.
  9. Participants will handle public and private property respectfully at all times.
  10. Participants under the age of 18 will, following room check, remain in their assigned accommodations until the time of the next morning’s first activity.
  11. Participants under the age of 18 will not leave their accommodations for any reason unless accompanied by a chaperone.
  12. Participants will always travel/sightsee in groups of two or more. No participant may travel/sightsee by him/herself.
  13. Participants will, when sightseeing without the direct supervision of a chaperone return to the designated gathering point on or before the time indicated by the Tour Manager/Program Leader.
  14. Participants will immediately report to the Program Leader any activities/statements made by other participants that may endanger the health/safety of the group.
  15. Participants who violate local, state, or federal laws will be immediately turned over to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.
  16. Participants will abide by any and all verbal and/or written instructions issued by the Tour Manager/Program Leader, staff, and chaperones.