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Explore the potential of joining Educational Travel Adventures and be part of a team committed to creating lifelong educational memories!

Our Passion

At ETA, we believe in the power of education through exploration and are passionate about shaping young minds through travel. A role with ETA is not just another tour planner job—our trips help shape the experiences that students remember forever.

Whether you’re seeking to join our dynamic team of tour managers or administrative professionals, a career with us means embarking on transformative journeys with students and fostering a love for learning beyond the classroom. Explore the potential of joining Educational Travel Adventures and be part of a team committed to creating lifelong educational memories for the leaders of tomorrow.

Keeping It Personal

At ETA, we pride ourselves on being a tight-knit educational travel company that places a premium on cultivating personal connections. We’re not just a team; we’re a community, and we believe in the power of individual contributions. Joining us means becoming an integral part of a close, collaborative group where your impact is recognized and appreciated.

In our small company environment, your work goes beyond just a job; it becomes a meaningful contribution to our shared goals. If you’re seeking a career that values your unique perspective and allows you to make a real difference, Educational Travel Adventures is the place for you. Embrace the advantages of being part of a team where every individual matters, and your professional journey takes on a personal and fulfilling dimension.

Flexible Work Environment

At ETA, we value the importance of work-life balance and understand that flexibility is key to fostering a thriving, motivated team. Embracing the evolving landscape of the modern workplace, we offer the flexibility to work remotely, empowering our employees to tailor their work environment to suit their needs.

Are you interested in a remote travel planner job? Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues from the comfort of your home or seeking inspiration from a favorite cafe, our commitment to remote work ensures that you can contribute your best work while maintaining the flexibility that enhances both personal and professional well-being.

Join us at ETA and experience a work culture that adapts to your lifestyle, promoting productivity and satisfaction in your career journey.

Benefits of Working at ETA

We value our employees as real people who lead busy and nuanced lives outside of the office. We understand that our team members have families, get sick, and want financial security for their future—which is why we offer the following benefits:

401(k) Plan

A Retirement Savings Plan with up to 4% company match.

Health Insurance

Comprehensive health insurance coverage (medical, dental, vision, prescription) with options like telemedicine.

Paid Time Off

We offer separate Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave. Unused days roll over and additional days are accrued each year of employment.

ETA Career Opportunities

As a member of the ETA sales team, you will be the main point of contact with our clients, handling various aspects of trip planning from start to finish. Like any travel planner job, effective communication is a key aspect of this role, both with clients and internally. You’ll be advising clients on destinations, cultures, customs, and various activities. Strong follow-up skills are also crucial, as you’ll be sending out proposals.

Beyond the logistical side, we’re looking for someone with a positive demeanor who is willing to provide excellent customer service and is willing and able to travel. Your goal is to ensure each client receives individualized attention.

If you’re looking for travel planner employment, ETA is a fantastic opportunity! Please reach out to us here.

As a member of the ETA operations team your day-to-day will involve handling group reservations with airlines, securing cozy stays for our travelers, and booking charming vendors with your negotiation finesse. We’re all about building connections, so you’ll be diving into researching and establishing relationships with new vendors too. When it comes to helping our customers, whether it’s over the phone or through chat, you’re the go-to person.

Being a team player is non-negotiable, but you’ve also got the chops to work independently. You’re motivated, time-savvy, and your negotiating skills could win awards. Details are your thing, and you can solve problems quicker than a travel itinerary can change. Good written and verbal English? Check. Adaptability and a positive attitude? Double-check.

ETA is always on the lookout for tour managers!
A great tour manager doesn’t simply know a long list of facts about a particular destination or attraction — instead, they’re warm, engaging, and effective storytellers who know how to connect with an audience. They must also have expertise in planning, problem-solving, safety, and building relationships.

As a tour manager (or, tour operator) at ETA, your role is much more comprehensive than your standard tour guide job. Your duties may include meeting groups at the airport, coordinating with bus drivers and transportation providers, following up on dining reservations, and more!

Interested in exploring an educational tour job opportunity with ETA? Click here to apply for a Tour Manager position.