Travel Safety, COVID FAQ

The health and safety of your group remains our top priority! We will be following and constantly adjusting to guidelines from the CDC and complying with all state and federal government safety protocols as well as coordinating with our vendors to maintain as safe an environment as possible.

  1. Does ETA require vaccinations in order to travel?

    No. However vaccinations may be required for many parts of your trip. As of September 2021, some cities are requiring proof of vaccinations for indoor dining and many private sites (Broadway theatres in NYC, museums, etc.) are requiring proof of vaccination. Exceptions may be made for travelers under 12 years of age who cannot yet be vaccinated yet or for travelers with an official religious exemption issued by their local health department.

  2. If I am not vaccinated, can I take a COVID test or show proof of recovery from COVID for venues that have restrictions?

    In some cases a negative COVID test result and/or proof of recovery from COVID may be accepted but in most cases it is not and proof of vaccination is the only thing accepted for entry.

  3. What if some of the visits on my trip institute proof of vaccination requirements after I have signed up and paid my deposit?

    Travelers should let their group leaders know about the situation and in most cases it will be possible for unvaccinated travelers to skip visits that they are unable to attend.

  4. Can I cancel my trip and receive a refund if vaccinations become necessary after I sign up but I am not vaccinated?

    If you purchase the optional trip cancellation insurance, you may cancel your trip up to 48 hours prior to departure for any reason and you will receive a 75% refund. No refund other than those provided by the optional trip cancellation policy will be possible.

  5. What will I have to show as proof of vaccination?

    As of September 2021, the CDC “White Card” or vaccination record is considered proof of vaccination. In most cases a photo (on a phone) is acceptable. If there are any other specific requirements, your group leader will be made aware of them prior to your trip.

  6. Will we be required to wear masks on the trip?

    ETA does not require that masks are worn the entire time you are on tour however specific sites that you will visit may have mask requirements. Many museums, theatres and other indoor venues currently have mask requirements.

  7. Am I required to take a COVID test prior to my trip?

    ETA does not require your group to test. Your school or group leaders may have a requirement that everyone take a pre-trip COVID test and if so they will communicate this to you prior to departure.

  8. Will my tour guide be vaccinated?

    Yes, ETA requires all guides to be vaccinated.

  9. What happens if a student gets sick or tests positive for COVID while on tour?

    If a minor tests positive for COVID on tour, a parent or guardian must meet them and pick them up. They will not be able to return with the group. ETA will assist parents or guardians with coordinating the pickup but any associated costs will be the responsibility of the family.

We've also included the “SYTA COVID-19 Travel Toolkit” below. The Toolkit was developed by the Student and Youth Travel Association. (SYTA)