Discover St. Augustine

St. Augustine Educational Tours

Before the English founded Jamestown and even before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, the Spanish founded the settlement that is now the city of St. Augustine. Here students can dive into more than four centuries of history that owes much to the Spanish, English, Greeks, Native Americans, and African Americans.

St. Augustine Overview

Come to the city of St. Augustine and get a taste of Spanish flair on the East Coast. With its distinctive red roof tiles, arches, and fountains typical of Spanish colonial style, St. Augustine offers a variety of activities and attractions for students to enjoy in a setting that’s both beautiful and historical. 

Get ready for some history, because after four centuries of human occupation this city is bursting at the seams with stories to tell. See the the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, a 17th-century fortress that was used to protect the city from foreign invaders. The fort features guided tours, living history demonstrations, and stunning views of the city and the Matanzas Bay. Students can also visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum which offers guided tours of the lighthouse and its surrounding grounds. The city’s historic district, referred to as the Old City, is home to numerous landmarks and sites, including the oldest wooden schoolhouse in the United States, the Oldest House Museum Complex, and the Spanish Quarter Museum, which showcases life in St. Augustine during the 18th century. Students can take a guided tour of St. Augustine’s Old Jail, where they can see the cell blocks, gallows and sheriff’s quarters while being entertained with tales of justice and punishment. Finally, visitors to the Florida Heritage Museum can get a comprehensive overview of the state’s history.

St. Augustine also offers plenty of outdoor activities for students to enjoy. The city’s beautiful beaches, including St. Augustine Beach and Vilano Beach, offer swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Students can also explore the nearby Anastasia State Park, which features hiking trails, camping sites, and a variety of water activities, including kayaking and fishing. Students can also take a stroll down St. George Street, a pedestrian-only thoroughfare lined with shops, galleries, and restaurants.

The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

“As the story goes, while questing for the spring of eternal youth, Ponce de Leon discovered Florida in 1513. The site of his famous landing is now an archaeological park where you can visit the fabled fountain and drink the water. The 15-acre grounds is also the site of the original 1565 St. Augustine settlement where Spaniards lived among the native Timucua Indians. The park features living history interpreters demonstrating cannon firing and blacksmithing, all to showcase how the 16th Spanish settlers arrived and survived. Explore the special exhibits about the archaeological discoveries of the first settlement. Even if you don’t feel any younger, you’ll enjoy intriguing artifacts surrounded by natural beauty.”