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Czech Republic Educational Tours

Welcome to the Czech Republic, a land steeped in history, art, and architectural marvels that provides an enriching experience for student travelers. From the fairytale charm of Prague’s cobblestone streets to the impressive Gothic architecture of Český Krumlov, students will explore a nation that reflects centuries of European heritage. With its vibrant culture, captivating castles, and contributions to literature and music, the Czech Republic offers students an educational journey that bridges the gap between past and present in the heart of Europe.


Welcome to Prague, a city where history, art, and culture converge to offer an inspiring educational experience for student travelers. Explore the cobbled streets of the Old Town Square, where the astronomical clock and Týn Church stand as timeless symbols. Delve into the rich history of Prague Castle, witness the architectural wonder of Charles Bridge, and discover the poignant history of the Jewish Quarter. Visit the largest and most important church in the country, St. Vitus Cathedral, where Czech kings and queens of antiquity were once crowned. With its captivating architecture, distinctive neighborhoods, and centuries of artistic heritage, Prague invites students to uncover the stories that have shaped this enchanting city.