Discover the Magic


Disneyland provides exclusive opportunities tailored for student groups, including chances for performances within the park, behind-the-scenes tours, and engaging workshops.

Disney imagination Campus

Find Magic in the Disney Imagination Campus

Send student musicians and vocalists to a workshop about developing soundtracks, introduce future artists to theme park design, or inspire young engineers with a workshop about the advanced technology used to bring parks to life. Take your performance group to a professional workshop, provide them with the opportunity to showcase their skills before a live audience, and cap off their dedication with a day of fun at a theme park!

Any group interested in workshops or performances must apply. We strongly recommend submitting applications as soon as possible.

Groups must meet the following criteria:

  • Disney student group tickets require a minimum of 10 students to participate.
  • Educational workshops require a minimum of 15 students to participate.
  • Performing arts stage performances & workshops require a minimum of 20 performers to participate.
  • Marching band performances require a minimum of 50 performers (minimum of 40 instrumentalists) to participate.